mapGen 2.0
BETA Release

Welcome to mapGen 2.0,
the online Tax Map Engine.

We haven't removed the option to generate basic maps previously offered. If you aren't interested in configuring your map with additional layers and other options now available, simply select the 'Print Now' option. However, if you select 'Configure Map', a more robust set of options are now available to adjust using a simple form. Or, you can create a new map with by selecting 'Start from Scratch' to open a blank form.


The information contained in this map is made available to the public as a service of the Colleton County Technology Division. This information is intended for general reference purposes only. Colleton County does not assume any liability for damages ariasing from errors, ommisions, or use of this information. This information is offered to the public AS IS WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND.

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Enter a parcel number (PIN\TMS) and select Print Now to retrieve your Tax Parcel Map with Imagery.

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