PIN Resource Tool

Parcel Viewer

This will auto-zoom to the location of the parcel in our public Parcel Viewer flex application. Adobe Flash is Required; Some issue on IE; Not available on mobile devices.

Parcel Viewer Lite

If your on a mobile device, this 'lite' map application will open over the specified application showing parcel boundaries, roads, and providing pop-ups for more parcel information. Works well in all browsers and mobile devices..

Enhanced Imagery

Our Pictometry imagery is aerial photography captured at an oblique angle, see the property and structures from a new perspective.

Property Card

Commonly used already, well access the online property records. You can pay taxes from there too.

Basic PDF Map

Recently released, your a click away from generating a basic PDF parcel map free of charge.

PDF Map & Imagery

Similar to the Basic Map option, this PDF will also include aerial imagery.

Customize a PDF Map

This more advanced option allows you to customize a number of common options like paper orientation and map layers.

Google Maps

If you open this link, the location of the property will be displayed when we open Google Maps for you. On most mobile devices, you'll get the option to open it with their Mobile App.

Google Directions

Trying to drive there? We'll route you from your current location to the location of the property. On most mobile devices, you'll get the option to open it with their Mobile App.

Bing Birds-Eye

Microsoft Bing Maps has imagery similar to your pictometry, it your prefer their map tools.

Help Section

What's this tool?

  • This tool is designed to provide on-the-fly access to geographic and non-geographic data sources available online using a PIN number to locate and provide the resource for you.
  • To use it, simply use a valid 17-digit PIN select the resource you want to access. However, sometimes the PIN will automatically be included with the form:
    • In some cases, like the GIS\Mapping link on the tax search & pay site, we're using the PIN from the property you were viewing when you opened the link
    • We will work toward integrating all applications to link directly back to here, as a resource 'center'
    • One example will be parcel popups in online interactive maps.
  • A direct link is also available on the County homepage for easy access. Look for PIN Search Tool under the Quick Links section.

What's a PIN?

  • A PIN, or Parcel ID Number, is a unique 17-digit assigned to non-motor vehicle\watercraft properties.
  • There are 4 primary parts to a PIN, AAA-BB-00-CCC.DDD:
    1. AAA refers to the grid in which the parcel is located.
    2. BB refers to the subgrid. For most parcels, its 00 because the area isn't dense enough to require subgrids
    3. CCC refers to the parcel itself
    4. DDD refers to a mobile home or condos, the land parcel it is located on matches these PINs but end in 000

Don't know the PIN?

  • If you don't know your parcel's ID number, the quickest way may be to refer to your tax bill. See below

No bill on hand?